Supporting Your Child During COVID-19

The current situation can be stressful and challenging for everyone - We want to support you during this time.

Back to School

Resource from Big Life Journal

This free, downloadable resource is teeming with helpful tips for a successful back-to-school. Topics include: calming strategies, time management, setting up a learning space, keeping kids motivated, helping kids feel connected, helping siblings get along and more!

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Talking To Your Children About COVID-19

Key Tips:

  1. Don't be afraid to discuss the coronavirus, but make sure you are providing developmentally-approporiate information.

  2. Focus on what you and other adults are doing to stay safe. This takes the responsibility from the child and reasurres them that the adults are taking care of it.

  3. Limit your child's exposure to the news. It can increase their anxiety with images and language that is better geared for adults.

Supporting Your Child's Mental Health

Activities To Do At Home

30 Thing Trojans Can Do For Emotional Health

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Menus

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Virtual Field Trips

Kindness Ideas

Teaching Hand Washing

How Germs Spread

Watch Video

Handwashing by Ms. Lange's Class