Feelings and Calming Down

Introduction to Feelings

These videos are lessons from Second Step, IRE's Social-Emotional curriculum. Kindergarteners and 1st graders - you'll learn that we feel feelings in our bodies and how to tell when you're feeling a strong emotion. 2nd graders - you're introduced to the brain in the palm of your hand and how when we are experiencing strong feelings, we aren't thinking clearly. Before problem-solving, we have to take steps to calm down before we say or do something we regret. Is it ok to feel mad, sad or scared? Absolutely! The important thing is what we do with those feelings.

Kindergarten: Lesson 12

Grade 1: Lesson 12

Grade 2: Lesson 11

Grade 3: Lesson 11

Grade 4: Lessons 10 & 11

Grade 5: Lesson 9

Calming Down

What do I do with my big or strong feelings?

Stop, name your feeling and calm down with breathing, counting, or positive self-talk.


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